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“INNE” in Østfold – integration network for Somali women

V-consult organisation, with financial support from the Gjensidige Foundation, is in the process of establishing a network for Somali women in the county of Østfold. A cheque of over 1 million Norwegian Crowns, was handed over to a surprised Safia Abdia Haase. She had been asked to come to the government offices in Østfold for a meeting, not knowing that the real reason was to hand over the cheque.

The project will contribute to a successful integration of Somalia women immigrants through a series of five weekend gatherings, with motivation meetings and individual conversations held before and after each gathering.

Participants will be encouraged to attend, understanding the need to have a sincere desire to adapt to Norwegian culture and value systems in a manner that incorporates elements from both the Norwegian and the Somali cultures in a positive that avoids family conflict.

The gatherings will be held in cooperation with local authorities and are hoped to initiate a process of successful integration that allows for elements of Somali and Norwegian cultural and religious traditions to be incorporated so that those participating will become active participants in Norwegian society and the workforce.

Participants will be followed up as part of network activities, but will use their own initiative to start processes of integration together with family and relatives.

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