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Project visit to Mogadishu.

Safia and Michael from V-consult are in Mogadishu, Somalia for a 5-day project visit to their local partner Mogadishu University.

The Mother and Child Educational Care Project (MCEC) – currently being run by Mogadishu University – is supported by Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada.

Somalia has had a turbulent history of strife and civil war, but is now moving towards rebuilding society. Signs of conflict and heightened security are still present. But the country is moving forward.

Our MCEC project wil:

Implement and test the effect of a sensitization program in neighborhoods and IDP camps of Mogadishu to provide information and create dialogue on women’s rights and health, female genital cutting, conduct training of traditional and religious leaders, and elicit support from academic, social and religious stakeholders.

Proof of concept will be demonstrated by:

· Providing 1000 youth, 100 activists, 100 elders, 50 traditional and/or religious
leaders, and 10 FGM survivors with information and engaging them in dialogue

· Enrolling an additional 300 individuals in the “No to FGM” campaign

· Demonstrated increased knowledge and willingness to attitude/behaviour change of
students after school visits as shown by post-visit surveys.

The visit is on-going. We are meeting with our colleagues at our hotel. Security considerations are not allowing us out of the heavily fortified hotel at the moment.

The project is well underway and we are confident that we shall reach our objectives.

Attached are some pictures from our visit.

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