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Safia gives a talk at Oslo Rotary

Safia gave a personal and engaging talk 19 September for members of Oslo Rotary. Her talk ”My meeting with Norway” gave those present a lot to think about as to how we meet our new countrymen and –women. What type of information is important for them? What apparently “unimportant” information – as we might regard it, is of vital importance for refugees that do not know or understand Norwegian culture and society? How can we improve our communication and interaction with these new countrymen?

Safia was given 40 minutes to talk, but after one hour of talking those present were amazed at how quickly the time had passed. Well done Safia!

Picture: Safia together with Rotary members  Steinar Siversten and spouse Ragnhild (to the left of Safia) and Jan Thompson with spouse Kari  Rosenstrøm (to the right of Safia).

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